Software as a Service (SaaS), Hosted, Web, and Internet solutions - K10soft offers solutions to these and other  needs of it's clients and customers.   We design solutions allowing users to access their  database information from anywhere at anytime.  These solutions include:

  • Hosted product databases
  • Company web sites
  • Email acounts and adminstration

Web site Content Management,  Defect Tracking, and Configuration management - These items are all critical to building and managing web based and hosted applications and databases.

Content management allows users to add and change information on a web site without knowing HTML.  Content tools come in many forms, high end purchased tools, Open source tools, and custom back end user interfaces designed to meet the needs of a specific web site.

Defect Tracking allows users to report problems then encounter in a system.  The same tracking system allows support personal to respond to user reported problems and assign the correct person to resolve each problem.  Defect tracking systems provide reporting to users, support personel, engineers, and management.

Configuration Management -Keeping track of all the elements of a project is needed for projects of all sizes and types.  If you are developing software or managing documents for a project configuration management tools keep you in control.  Tools for this task range in price and complexelty.  Prices range from $10,000 per seat, $1000 per seat, $500 per seat and open source which has no initial cost.

Server and Computer support - Removal of Spyware, Adware, and Viruses.   Upgrading of Operating Systems(Microsoft and MAC) are some of the services we provide.

Network design and adminstration - We can design, upgrade, and monitor your company network.  This includes your internet connection (DSL, Cable Modem, Wireless internet, T1) and your internet switches.

Network Storage devices -  There a number of new storage devices on the market today.  These devices allow everyone in your enterprise to store and share data files.  Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are availiable from 100 Gig Bytes to many TBytes of storage.  They come in many price ranges from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars.

Backup -
Backing up your company and personal data is critical.  We can help you idenitfy a backup system that works for you.  We can install that system and define a procedure to protect you in case of a failure.

 Off site backup storage -  Once an in-house backup process is in place and off site storage strategy needs to be implemented.  Off site storage of backup data enables a company to recover from catastrophic problems at their main office or computer locations.

Mac support - We provide support for MAC OS9 and OS10 desk tops and laptops.

Printing company RIP server support - We can help you solve RIP server problems or add or upgrade a server.